United Women’s Sports LLC is a female owned and operated company formed with the primary objective of establishing women’s professional sport leagues for a variety of sports.

The company’s mission is focused on creating and expanding opportunities for women to have careers and earn a living in professional sports while increasing awareness among sports fans of the amazing competition that make it an exciting sports entertainment option. Building women’s sports as a profession gives young girls around the world positive, same-sex role models and a vision of what they can achieve as a career in the future.

Creating jobs for women in the sports business management and media sectors. Disciplines include: Marketing, On-Air, Production, Operations, Finance.


Meet our Magicians

Digit Murphy
Digit Murphy

CEO UWS-United Women’s Sports

Digit Murphy is one of the most successful players and coaches in women’s hockey, and over the last 3 decades has started three hockey/sports related businesses to further the growth and development of the sport. She is unsurpassed in her experience in the sport at all levels including most recently the most successful female coach in the only professional hockey league in the world renown expert on Title IX. She coached at Brown University from 1987-2011 and is in the Cornell Hall of Fame. Her passion to advance women’s sports is infectious and her energy and approach is a differentiator in the women’s sports paradigm.

Aronda Kirby
Aronda Kirby

COO UWS-United Women’s Sports

Our Chief Operating Officer has 15+ years experience in sports operation and management from establishing youth and high school development leagues, operating elite player recruiting camps and as the GM for the women’s pro hockey team in the US, the Boston Blades. She also has over 30 years experience in technology and business management with a companies-CVS Corporate Director of e-retail systems and now consultant at Fidelity, Citizens, and Frontier Systems.